Chloe Lilac: “Here’s Your Song”

January 18, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Brooklyn native, Chloe Lilac takes grunge bedroom pop to new heights on her track, “Here’s Your Song.”

The raw, biting lyrics feel like they’ve been ripped straight from a crumbled-up page of the 17-year-old singer-songwriter’s diary. This song spares no nitty-gritty detail, exposing how one relationship took Lilac down a dark and twisting path where in the end she found that this person was simply using her.

Although this song is written as a direct address to her ex, Lilac pairs more intimate moments with a sweeping chorus that may just be the new anthem for messy break-ups. This is more than an angry rant about young love gone wrong. This is a deep delve into the mind of a teenager who has just reached a breaking point after being manipulated for two years.  

Lilac switches back and forth between strumming gentle guitar chords and belting out pain-soaked lyrics like “I got nothing to say or sing about you” as electronic drumbeats crash in the background. Reminiscent of a Born to Die-era Lana Del Rey, Lilac is able to combine sweeping soundscapes with emotionally rich lyricism creating an enigmatic effect. 

On “Here’s Your Song” Lilac gives an intimate glimpse into her fragile state of mind without losing her cool. While she might have recently had her heart broken, Lilac is ready to start healing those scars and come back from this experience stronger than ever.

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