STRUAN: “Elizabeth”

January 22, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Indie pop artist STRUAN brings us a fresh new wave take on the one-that-got-away story in his new single, “Elizabeth.”

Recalling artists as early as “Jessie’s Girl” singer Rick Springfield and artists as recent as COIN, STRUAN’s music blends tender rock riffs with strained vocals that tell the story of an aching heart. Yet, the wistful melody on this track distracts from the fact that it’s a song about a more painful kind of heartbreak––the kind of heartbreak that comes from bottled up feelings which never had the chance to be let out.

STRUAN draws on the pain of this missed opportunity through memory, but the high spirits of the song remain strong throughout. It starts with a cinematic flash back to the moment he met the girl he never got the chance to take things further with followed by a burst of synths as he repeats her name over and over again. It’s as if we’ve been let inside his mind as he takes a trip down nostalgia lane, recounting every minute detail of their time spent together. Each film reel of memories plays only to be spliced by STRUAN snapping back to reality with the simple but harsh statement, “Elizabeth, I’ll never get over you.”

STRUAN has taken a painful memory and given it new life by throwing his regret up against a bright background of drumbeats and guitar riffs. While this seems to be another case of too little too late, at least the artist was able to channel his sadness into an emotional bop suited for night drives. If you’re in a reminiscent mood, definitely give this track a listen.

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