Elliott Taylor ft. Skylar Grey: “Held Up”

February 26, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Bay Area-native Elliot Taylor teams up with Skylar Grey to sing about finding love in unexpected places––namely, the liquor store––on their track, “Held Up.”

Synths, rap beats, and a little bit of country twang may seem like an unlikely trio of musical elements, but this song incorporates all three and makes it sound so effortless. The fun and cleverly written lyrics tell the story of a man who walks into a liquor store and falls head over heels for a woman he sees there. Comparing her eyes to a “double-barrel” gun pointed straight at him, Taylor rounds out the metaphor by singing that he’s been “held up at the liquor store.” No need for a ransom because his heart’s already been stolen!

Skylar Grey swoops in with her sweet and sassy vocals, playing the role of the woman who stopped Taylor dead in his tracks on the way to the register. Her sweet vocals are the perfect complement to Taylor’s raspier tones. Taylor previously worked with Grey when he helped co-write the song she was featured in, “Leaving Heaven,” off of Eminem’s new album MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY. We love a good industry connection!

If you’re in the mood to hear some rap but could also go for a little bit of country, then you have got to give “Held Up” a listen. 

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