Zoë Ferguson Releases New Track, “I’m OK.”

Are you looking for a song to describe your current state right now? Zoë Ferguson’s newest release is the perfect depiction of social distancing, going a tad insane but overall reminding yourself that “I’m OK.”

In the season of a nation wide quarantine and forced self-love, Zoe’s latest single “I’m OK” couldn’t have came at a better time. The pop songstress softly sings to listeners “spent some time on my own, disconnected from my phone, so tonight, I’m staying home cuz I’m aright when I’m alone.” This is an anthem for singles everywhere! In the hopes of being cared for and in the presence of others, Zoe playfully explains to us that we can do all of our heart’s desires from the comfort of our own homes. Shopping online or virtual happy hours, your alone time is the best time to enjoy being alone. The funky groove of the bass hitting jam accompanied by Zoë Ferguson’s impressive vocals really makes a song that you can’t take off repeat. Take a listen to “I’m OK” below.

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