Liimo: “Old School”

March 08, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

UK-based pop trio Liimo show off their expert storytelling skills with the coming-of-age track, “Old School.” 

The band’s name is a shortened version of the phrase “a little more,” an ode to notion of living life a little bit larger in any kind of way. In the case of “Old School,” the group seems to be looking for a little more love. “Love me like I’m your first car/Your favorite movie on VCR,” the lead vocalist Kieran croons, drawing on a highlight reel of youthful memories for inspiration. Swelling with nostalgia, this intro already has us teary-eyed. 

Liimo’s lyrics are far from generalized romantic visions of young love. These snippets are clearly pulled from real life, incorporating even the most mundane of moments into the overall story like watching the clock tick while waiting to get off of work at “sh**** retail jobs.”

This genuine sweetness remains strong as ever throughout the rest of the song with dreamy melodies and Kieran’s falsetto which rings like a bell when he reaches the peak of every note. “Old School” is just the kind of electro bedroom pop song to listen to when you want to go on a trip down memory lane. See for yourself by checking out the song below!

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