DISCO BLISS | Nightshade & Brooke White: “Dreams”

March 13, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

DJ and producer Nxghtshade has teamed up with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter (and American Idol alum!) Brooke White to reimagine one of Fleetwood Mac’s most popular songs, “Dreams.”

Nxghtshade has given this indie rock classic a modern twist with the addition of 80’s synths and EDM-inspired beats. The raspy voiced White is a dead ringer for Stevie Nicks and couldn’t have made a better addition to this track. Her harmonies soar as bongos and Prince–style guitar whammies roar in the background. All these complex layers of sound end up creating a lush sonic landscape we can’t get enough of. Who knew Fleetwood Mac jams would make for the perfect club mixes?

Trying to rework an an old iconic track doesn’t always end well, but Nxghtshade has managed to give this song a breath of fresh air that retains the song’s integrity. This dreamy, upbeat dance song brings together the best of two generations of music no one ever expected to meld so well. For lovers of the rock’s golden era, this take on “Dreams” will not disappoint. Definitely give it a listen below!