Dae Zhen: “2020 Vision”

March 24 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Dae Zhen want us all to do some spring cleaning of our past relationships and start looking ahead to the future with his thunderous new single, “2020 Vision.”

The Los Angeles-based singer, rapper, and producer has clearly suffered through some hard-times, but it seems he’s found a way to pick himself up, dust himself off, and leave the past behind in the rearview. The artist infused this break-up anthem with enough confidence and swagger to prove that he’s found a way to shed his old views and embrace a new perspective. 

With an upbeat rhythm section that screams positive vibes only, Dae Zhen creates a harmonically rich soundscape full of high energy, funk-inflected synths. Yet, this happy-go-lucky sound disguises some more bitter sentiments. In the thumping chorus, Dae Zhen writes-off his exes telling them “I’m not your man anymore/I’m not your plans anymore.” He even throws in a couple clever, but still stinging disses like “I’m already over you like a chandelier.”

Clearly, there are still some residual feelings––mostly of disdain––aimed towards the exes but Dae Zhen is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and tell it like it is. He’s also willing to own up to his mistakes, too, but not without making it look good. See for yourself by checking out this bop below!

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