Aaron Pollock: “Wildfire”

March 26, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Up-and-coming Canadian singer-songwriter Aaron Pollack is blazing his way to country music stardom. His latest single, “Wildfire” proves that good old-fashioned storytelling paired with modern production brings a fresh breath of fresh air to the beloved genre. 

Pollock paints us a picture full of rich imagery to set the scene where things are heating up between him and his beloved. Dancing shadows and wildfire flames abound as Pollock croons about the passion sparking inside of him. The musician uses soaring harmonies and gentle guitar strums to stunningly beautiful effect, leaving the listener wrapped up in the warmth of Pollock’s performance.

A series of metaphors comparing his lover’s touch to a wildfire creates a striking image which may seem simple on the surface, but actually infuses many complex emotions. Pollock captures the intertwined feelings of apprehension and intrigue that come with every new relationship, especially in the line “Playing with a match round gasoline when you slide on in that close to me.” A little bit cheeky, and a little bit sultry––this country crooner isn’t afraid to incorporate a little spice into his love songs.

Aaron Pollock’s “Wildfire” shows us the more vulnerable side of love through layers of metaphors and raw vocals. This sweet song makes it clear that a cozy night can turn into something so much more if the spark is there.

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