EMM: “Boys Like You”

April 15, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

EMM’s “Boys Like You” is the edgy and empowering pop anthem anyone who just dumped their ex needs to listen to right now.

Not too many pop artists are willing to be as bold and thunderous as EMM who isn’t afraid to stick to the man through her no-nonsense lyrics. Her melodies are undeniably catchy, and her falsetto notes are deceivingly sweet, but if you listen a little closer, you’ll find that this artist means business when she sings, “I don’t f*** with boys like you.” 

EMM’s feminist agenda is abundantly clear when she calls out the men who want to run her life and tell her to “settle down.” EMM’s recipe for success has less sugar and more spice which seems to be working out pretty nicely for her. 

Inflections of early 90’s girl groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child shine through the production style of “Boys Like You,” but EMM reimagines these sonic elements for the modern listener. The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter is the kind of independent class-act that doesn’t come around too often. “Boys Like You” is more than just an endlessly playable banger. It’s got a powerful message meant to inspire confidence and teach us all a thing or two about speaking up when you’ve been disrespected. 

EMM makes music to the beat of her own drum that also aims to amplify the voices of those who are learning to embrace themselves just the way they are. Watch out world, EMM is a self-made star on the rise!

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