PLS&TY: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”

I’ll be completely honest; I wasn’t well versed with Future Bass until this assignment. Now, thanks to the slick skill and inimitable style of Floridian original PLS&TY’s single “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” I’ve become an instant fan.

Opening with a smooth retro beat, the track builds in intensity, pulling you along for the ride. PLS&TY leverages the impressive vocal range of collaborator Kyan effectively, an integral part of the composition that the entirety of the track rides on. With an innate musicality, the audible swagger in his performance is exhilarating. The harmonically rich vocalizations are themselves the driving force of this track. The indulgent mix is a synthetic ode to the complex aesthetic and influences of the Future Bass genre. The replay value of this track is very high, as it carries with it a dynamism that allows for new discoveries with every listen. 

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