J.W. CUDD’s “Thinking of You” is pure POP BLISS

We have the new release and official music video from J.W. CUDD below! Check it out.

J.W. CUDD Thinking of You

It’s no doubt that J.W. CUDD has evolved his sound from his last releases like “BOOMERANG” and “OPEN YOUR HEART;” after you hear the new single once, that’s evident. With the help of multi-platinum producer Andrew Lane and Oscar/Grammy nominated producer MIG, Cudd says he finally achieved the sound he always wanted.

We caught up with the Texas Native to talk about his new release, “It’s been a crazy journey. I was at the end of my rope meeting with producers—none of them could really see where I wanted to go with my sound. After a few meetings with Drew and MIG, they knew what I wanted, and were on board since it was something that hadn’t been done before. They’re great guys.”

And as far as the rest of the record, glittering synths and heavy beats are here to stay. Cudd stated, “All of the new material hits pretty hard. We cover everything from electro, EDM, and tropical sounds to really create a vibrant feel. I’m looking forward to slowly unveiling each single.” Cudd says him and his team over at 107 plan to release each track consistently over the next year. In the meantime, his new music video will have to tide us over.

Prepare yourself for a steaming shower, trouble in paradise, and your best blue steel. Watch the official video for “Thinking of You” below! Drop us a line on social media at: @popbulb

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