Deni Gauthier: “Next Line”

Singer/songwriter Deni Gauthier explores the complexities of life and love in “Next Line.”

The song is honest and slightly dark. The guitar and percussion take you on an expressive journey with Deni. Its fast paced, almost western sound adds to the imagery. Much like the wild west, life can move quickly and is full of unknowns. Deni further explores this concept in his lyrics, accompanied by his soulful voice. Using the metaphor of a stage play, the lyrics convey what happens when someone gracefully bows out of their lover’s life. The painful verse, “Maybe I’m just here to let you go so you can move on…” hits the listener deeply. It’s sad, but sincere and reflects the seasonal nature of most relationships. Despite its surface, the message Deni conveys can still be encouraging- sometimes our job is simply to help someone grow. 

The Canadian singer-songwriter is known for making heartfelt songs about life, love, and fatherhood. Next Line is one of the tracks from his latest album He Said/She Said, currently available.

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