Nancy Gomes: “Go Away”

Nancy Gomes brings the sugar and spice on her new release, Go Away!

The newest single from her album, Sugar and Spice combines empowering lyrics with a R&B/Pop sound. Similar to its music, Nancy’s vocals are sweet and soulful. She spent years honing her craft before releasing this debut album and while Nancy’s natural talent is evident, her skill shines through. Her controlled voice and beautiful phrasing help elevate the track! The sweet sound of Go Away is contrasted with its fierce lyrics. “I know my worth and boy, I don’t have the time” shout the song’s empowering theme. Inspired by her past heartbreaks, Nancy says on her Facebook that writing this song was healing for her; she’s thankful for all the awful boyfriends along the way! 

This Raleigh-bred singer is known for working with rapper/singer-songwriter Fluent. She was featured on multiple tracks on his album, Songs About You released last year including the single Ride Slow. Working with him and other artists on his Supreme Regime label allowed Nancy to sharpen her skills and she’s proud to display them in Sugar and Spice.

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