Forrest Taylor: “Only One”

April 27, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Ohio-based producer Forrest Taylor is creating explosive EDM tracks that are just chill enough to listen to for a relaxing day by the poolside. His latest release “Only One” dives into a pool of different musical influences from hip hop to house music to create the perfect sonic oasis.

Sweet piano riffs, computerized Mario Kart-esque beats, diced up vocals, and funky synths all find their way onto this track. Taylor expertly layers these elements and other enigmatic details for an exhilarating listening experience. This is the kind of feel-good EDM that anyone could find joy in because its stratospheric sound simply transports you to a euphoric place. Taylor’s finely calibrated and riotously fun production style is not to be overlooked. We could easily picture jamming out to this in the Sahara Tent at next year’s Coachella (fingers-crossed)!

Listening to “Only One” truly feels like an instant escape to Palm Springs with its grooving melodies that are perfectly dialed back to enjoy while sipping on a fresh margarita. The easygoing energy and infectiously positive beats make “Only One” the perfect addition to your summertime playlist. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think!

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