Clide: “Lost”

April 28, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Berlin-based singer-songwriter clide is an indie pop star on the rise! His new single “lost” is proof that this young up-and-comer is bound for greatness.

Using a metaphor as simple as the ocean, clide manages to paint a poignant picture capturing the feeling adrift with no one there to reel you in. Through visceral imagery and melodies that swell with emotion, clide invites his listeners to dive deeper into their fears and anxieties. “Right now breathing gets harder/With my head underwater,” clide sings as the waves swirling around him slowly take him under. The vulnerability in these lyrics reveal how the artist is willing to show his listeners how it feels to be trapped in the deep end.

The upbeat production of this song deceptively conceals the much darker tone lurking beneath its surface. Between the uplifting guitar licks and drumbeats, clide inserts intimate lyrics which reveal the panic and frustration churning inside him as he tries to make his way to the surface. “I don’t want to drown/I don’t wanna drift too far to turn around,” clide reveals as the churning waves begin to close in. Besides leaving you with goosebumps, these introspective lyrics have us thinking more deeply about all those times in our lives when we didn’t know where to turn next––including right now. While this track was most likely penned before the lockdown, the message still resonates with us to this day.

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