Listen To The New Electro Track by Julia Church!

April 29, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

South African songstress Julia Church has us daydreaming about our next vacation with her new track “Japan.”

Church’s brooding vocals smolder through the intro as windchimes softly ring in the distance. Then the chorus sweeps in with a symphony of drums and woodblock instruments thundering in the background as Church belts out the hook, “Take me to Japan/Where nothing went to plan.” 

Although the musician has never actually traveled to the Asian country, her storytelling skills had us convinced. Throughout the song, Church paints a nostalgic vision full of pink cherry blossoms and life changing experiences. The songwriter builds an ethereal paradise through her lyrics, sparking a sense of wanderlust in us with each word. Combining vivid imagery with an expressive vocal performance, Church has proven herself to be quite the talented songwriter and producer. Blending Eastern and Western influences, her innovative production style on this track also serves as a thoughtful ode to a beautiful country. You may not be able to hop on a plane right now but listening to “Japan” is a start. We can’t wait to see where Julia Church takes us next!

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