Duchess: “Close”

May 01, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Watch out Kate Middleton! London-based singer-songwriter Duchess is here to rightfully claim her pop royalty status. On her new single “Close,” Duchess has delivered a soft and sentimental vocal performance backed by dazzling production.

In this ode to extremely intimate relationships, the singer conveys a sense of connection that runs so deep that being “close isn’t close enough.” This love song came just in time for the quarantine era, when many couples are settling inside and spending more time with each other. Combine the uplifting infectiousness of a Taylor Swift song with the bell-like falsetto of Ariana Grande, and you’ll find yourself listening to this sweet and sexy Duchess number. 

Listening to the twinkling melodies on this track floating beneath the singer’s angelic vocals is like opening a music box and finding two figurines dancing on top of a cloud. Her heart-warming lyrics feel like a direct line to Duchess’s emotions which radiate like sunbeams as they strike off every chord. “I used to keep my walls so high but now I got you by my side,” she reveals before diving into the chorus.

Duchess has absolutely blown own minds with this sweet and personal track that echoes with euphoric rhythms. We’re on the edge of our seat waiting for more music from this pop star on the rise!

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