MAPEI: “Diamond”

May 02, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Swedish-American artist Mapei is shining brighter than ever on her new single, “Diamond.”

The “Don’t Wait” singer became a music blog darling back in 2008, and she’s been unstoppable ever since. She’s traveled the world, released two albums, had her song “Don’t Wait” remixed by many notable artist––including a version with a verse from Chance the Rapper, and she even worked with Sky Ferreira while producing her first album, Hey Hey. All the while, Mapei had developed a loyal fanbase who have been supporting her at every turn. 

Combining her entrancing vocals with Glass Animals meets M.I.A. style production, Mapei’s genre-blending tracks are anything but basic. The artist is all about creating lush layers of sound striped with bouncing rhythms that will put you in a trance. Showing off her vocal range on “Diamond,” Mapei swings between her more monotone rap flow and her soaring singing voice. This track seamlessly blends electropop and R&B but the beating heart of this number rests on Mapei’s emotional performance. 

Her lyrics tell the story of a relationship in flux––something that started out so good but now the future remains in question. “Can we stay up here for life?” Mapei asks wondering if the relationship they’ve built can last. Mapei’s asking big questions with no easy answer. The one thing we know for sure is that you’ve got to give “Diamond” a listen.

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