The Strike: “Nothing New”

May 02, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Los Angeles-based band The Strike has us feeling love struck and starry-eyed with their latest retro-inspired release, “Nothing New.”

The supergroup on the rise has made waves around the world with their riveting take on hi-fi, rock-pop. Their harmonically rich and thrilling tracks have captured the ears and hearts of fans all over the globe, from China to Dubai. Their sound is reminiscent of 70’s and 80’s glam groups like Journey and Foreigner, but their spirit is thoroughly modern.

80’s synths, jazzy saxophone, and electrifying guitar riffs collide in a technicolor dreamscape of The Strike’s own making on “Nothing New.” Frontman Chris Crabb’s unique vocals soar over a bouncing beat pulsing with uncontrollable energy. Their cohesive sound is nothing short of wonderful with the keys, bass, guitar, drums, and sax combining their powers to form a sublime effect. The uplifting lyrics describing the classic spotted-her-across-room narrative are full of joy and bright-eyed tenderness. We can’t get enough of this lush and enigmatic bop! Definitely do yourself a favor and give it a listen (or five) below.

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