MAX FROST: “Back In The Summer”

May 04, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Texan-born singer-songwriter Max Frost brings undeniable charm to a bright and quirky new bop called “Back in the Summer.”

Frost has been writing genre-bending music since his college days, eventually leading to his discovery on SoundCloud. Now the multi-instrumentalist and producer has been catapulted to rising star status, joining the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At the Disco on tour.

“Back in the Summer” showcases Frost’s ability to seamlessly blend genres, combining synth pop melodies with an easy-going rap flow. While the beat might have a cheery bounce, his lyrics tell a different much more solemn story of summer fling gone by. Combining specific sensory details like how the seatbelts in his car used to be “hot to the touch” with more regretful statements like “I wish we could just reset” strikes a harsh contrast, leaving the listener feel just as bittersweet about what could have been.

In the music video for this track, Frost roams around the empty house where he and his lover had spent the amazing summer in question. Dressed in a tropical bathrobe, the singer makes breakfast-for-one and dances around the living room where the furniture comes to life and joins him. This technicolor dreamhouse isn’t all fun and games, though. In one sequence, Frost remains seated on the couch with an empty look on his face as friends and family swirl around him partying in hyper speed. Then it cuts to a vintage television set where him and his ex are joyfully riding around on a motorcycle. 

Max Frost’s deceptively sweet track is for anyone else who has been reminiscing about simpler times. Oh, to go back to last summer…

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