ONEDUO x Vinny Vibe x JUELZ x BEIIIA: “Corona Virus”

May 03, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

New York-based electronic group ONEDUO has teamed up with musicians Vinny Vibe, JUELZ, and BEIIIA to create the ultimate pump-up jam to beat the quarantine blues named after the disease of the hour itself, “Corona Virus.”

This anti-love song serenading the dreaded virus that’s taken over our lives is hilariously hype and just the kind of dark humor we can rely on to make us laugh in times like these. Right off the bat, the lyrics dig at a personified version of COVID-19 by listing off some of the things that this pandemic has taken away from us. The track starts off with what is obviously one of the most devasting blows to our culture: “You canceled the NBA, Corona Virus.” Yeah, we’re still salty. But the clever lyrics don’t just point fingers. ONEDUO also consider some of the silver linings of this situation noting, “at least I ain’t gotta go to work the next day.” We can’t argue with that!

The song begins with a soft acoustic melody but eventually transforms into a rollicking banger by the 45-second mark. If you’re in need of a major pick-me-up about now, this high energy track is the closest thing you’ll get to the club from home.

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