SACHI ft. Naika: “Enchanté”

May 04, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

New Zealand-born music duo SACHI has teamed up with Florida-native singer Naïka on a playful new track called “Enchanté.”

Mixing upbeat synthesized keys and drums with Naïka’s silky smooth vocals, SACHI create a bright and bubbling sonic landscape with the perfect tinge of spice. Blending English and French lyrics, this bilingual bop will have you wondering why you gave up learning French in school. As a matter of fact, Naïka’s first language was French and you can tell because her accent in this song is c’est magnifique!

Inspired by Parisian nightlife, this catchy tune has all the fun and bounce it takes to get everyone up on their feet at the club. The sassy narrator shoos away an admirer with a “chest puffed up like a Porsche owner” and calls him out for trying to win her over by complimenting her French. The bilingual chorus cleverly incorporates French and English to a delightfully sarcastic effect with a catchy hook that goes “Well enchanté/Boy please get out my way.” What could be cooler than deflecting someone at the club in not one, but two languages?

“Enchanté” captures the too-cool-for you French spirit in the form of a cheeky and sassy independence anthem. You have to give this track a listen, s’il vous plaît!