Trenton: “Alive”

May 05, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer Trenton has once again crafted a free-spirited indie-pop track swelling with emotion called “Alive.”

Trenton is the musical alter-ego of the multi-talented musician, Ryan Courtney. Courtney has been penning self-reflective, melancholy pop songs under this moniker since 2013, and after a year of no releases he’s back with the effortlessly cool, ambient tune, “Alive.” On this track, Trenton’s songwriting skills are as strong as ever, brimming with woe but also building a bridge to a place of hope. 

Trenton’s vocals quiver and quake with passionate emotion even as he sings the gloomiest of lyrics such as, “We had it all but then we lost it.” His contemplative mood turns from somber to sanguine and leads into the soaring chorus where Trenton realizes that despite all the struggle and hardship he has faced, “it just feels good to be alive.”

Trenton blends a pulsing drum beat with retro synths which effortlessly flow into uplifting keys in the song’s chorus. The finely calibrated production on this track lays the framework for Trenton’s performance to really shine, for his unique voice perfectly complements the textured layers embedded within his melodies. “Alive” is both an ethereal and yet gritty number that taps into the cloudier parts of our emotions only to emerge on the other side with a clearer perspective. This kind of songwriting and instrumental prowess does not come around too often, and we only expect to hear more greatness from Trenton. Check out “Alive” below and let us know what you think!

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