KEiiNO ft. Electric Fields: “Would I Lie”

May 07, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Norwegian pop super trio, KEiiNO has teamed up with the multi-talented dynamic duo, Electric Fields to create an ebullient dance anthem that will keep you up on your feet all night long called “Would I Lie.”

Since January 2019, KEiiNO has captured the world’s attention with their infectiously riveting dance-pop bangers infused with Nordic folk and indigenous Sámi musical traditions. The platinum trio has received 4 Scandipop awards and a nomination at the Norwegian Grammys––skyrocketing them to global stardom. The supergroup even competed in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest where they placed sixth, but still received the highest points from the European public’s televote. Clearly, the world knew that KEiiNO was a sensation-in-the-making!

On “Would I Lie” bouncing rhythms and thunderous synths pound in the background as the powerful voices of KEiiNO’s Alexandra Rotan and Zaachariaha Fieldings of Electric Fields collide in an epic performance. Their musical symmetry speaks volumes and showcases how two diverse cultures can combine to a dazzling effect. “Would I Lie” is the bright and bold pop banger that will fill your heart with all the joy and energy you could ever desire. It’s catchy melodies and soulful vocals will whisk you away immediately. Definitely give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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