MOLI: “On The Weekend”

May 08, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Belgian-born UK singer-songwriter MOLI’s swinging electropop single, “On the Weekend” is a mix fit for the anti-prom queen or king.

The laid-back beat paired with MOLI’s eclectic vocals make for a moody soundtrack one might imagine playing in the background of a scene from Euphoria. Each line pulls you in deeper as if every word hanging off the artist’s lips is a drop of glitter oozing into a bowl of spiked punch. Layers of 80’s synths and more jazzy undertones create a dreamy soundscape you’ll find yourself melting into.

The music video for this track is equally dazzling and was directly inspired by the club scene in Berlin where the singer now lives. Kaleidoscopic visions of the artist surrounded by a crowd of revelers dressed in skin-tight sequins and pearls swirl around in each shot. This is not some regular rager––this is MOLI’s party and anyone who might be interested in escaping to a technicolor fantasyland is invited.

“On the Weekend” is the perfect escapist destination for lovers of pop, jazz, and R&B alike. Anyone can groove along to this uber cool slow jam that’s got lots of rebel spirit churning beneath its surface. Get out your shiniest glitter and put on your red tights because it’s time to get out there and glow on the vinyl dance floor.

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