Ayelle ft. Rationale: “Choice”

May 09, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Swedish-Iranian singer-songwriter Ayelle has joined forced with London-based producer and singer, Rationale on a soaring new single called “Choice.”

Ayelle’s sultry vocals swell with emotion as they glide across the smooth, minimalist drumbeat laced with chimes and delicate synths. The seasoned songwriter continues to amaze with her nuanced sense of poignancy in her lyrics which leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth. 

On “Choice,” Ayelle sings about when two broken people start falling in love and what happens when the face the choice of whether or not the relationship is worth the heartache. Right before diving into the chorus, she grieves over her lover choosing the path of least resistance with heartbreaking lyric, “You’ll forget and it will be like we never happened.” 

Although Ayelle draws from personal experiences and her own emotions, her lyrics feel deeply universal. Her introspective storytelling skills investigating the dynamics of relationships spark a sense of empathy and solidarity with her listeners. Her soulful and sensual vocal style casts an enchanting spell over this track that we can’t get enough. While the choice is yours whether or not you want to give this song a listen, we recommend you do. We promise that you’ll be hooked from the start.

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