Alex Di Leo: “Youth”

March 24 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Fort Lauderdale-based singer-songwriter Alex Di Leo takes us on a journey through his conflicted emotions on a dreamy new track called “Youth.”

Inspired by a sky diving adventure that left the artist with a fresh new mentality, “Youth” delves headfirst into the nitty gritty details of a relationship in a rough spot. “Five years and we still don’t even know where we’re landing,” Di Leo confesses in the intro. Through candid lyricism, the songwriter captures the sense of heighted vulnerability and uncertainty when a relationship starts creeping towards a halting point. Missing calls, dodging fights, and avoiding coming home––Di Leo bares it all on this track.

Blending heart-melting melodies with powerful country-inspired vocals, Alex Di Leo imbues this track with a sense of sentimentality that shows how the artist is following his instincts when it comes to grappling with his emotions. Through electric guitar riffs and a deeper baritone, Di Leo channels the darkness inside him that has made this relationship feel like a weight on his heart––holding him back from living out his youth. Then the chorus sweeps in with angelic backing vocals as the singer confronts the other lighthearted, hopeless romantic side of him in the lyric, “I keep coming back to you.”

The energy of the track may be bright, but “Youth” shows a moodier Di Leo complete with a cloud hanging over him as he grapples with the notion that his relationship is on the line. With melodies that leave you breathless and lyrics that tie your heart into knots, “Youth” will take you on a twisting and turning emotional rollercoaster. Hang in there and give it a listen!

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