DUA LIPA: “Break My Heart”

May 16, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Dua Lipa’s 80’s-inspired club track, “Break My Heart” is the bold and bright pump-up jam that will keep your anxieties at bay as you dance the night away!

The British and Kosovar Albanian singer, songwriter, and model has sky-rocketed to the top of the charts with her intoxicating pop bangers featuring her distinctively smoky voice. Lipa released “Break My Heart” to keep her fans hyped on the heels of her highly anticipated new album, Future Nostalgia. In a surprise turn of events, Lipa decided to release her whole album a month in advance, bringing the dance floor inside everyone’s homes during quarantine. 

“Break My Heart” is a fun and upbeat track one might imagine themselves grooving to under the glimmering lights of a disco ball. The pulsing beat draws you in, but it’s Lipa’s powerhouse vocals that seal the deal. “I would’ve stayed at home/’Cause I was always better alone/But when you said, ‘Hello,’ I knew it was the end of it all,” she sings in the gripping chorus about the impending heartbreak she’s bracing for.

For a song nodding to the most glamourous eras of the 70’s and 80’s, Lipa brings a whole new modern attitude. Despite its somewhat somber subject matter, the song’s high energy beat screams confidence and strength. The most unique part about Lipa’s music is that she is seamlessly able to combine more emotional themes with the catchiest and most uplifting melodies––this is quite an accomplishment for a chart-topping pop artist.

Dua Lipa is shaking things up in the pop music world one addicting track at a time. “Break My Heart” is no exception to Dua Lipa’s new rules.

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