Aiden Meyers: “Help Me”

May 22, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Aiden Myers opens up about his struggles with mental health on his stripped back electro-pop ballad, “Help Me.”

This track is Myer’s second release off of his upcoming EP called Overthinking. After just one listen, we’re craving to hear the rest of what it bound to be the artist’s most moving and personal project to date. On “Help Me,” Myers overlays his tormented vocals over a blend of idyllic synths and blooming beats. His swirling emotions of anguish and anxiety exude from every note he sings. Yet, it’s clear to see the artist is channeling these feelings into an outlet that allows him to make amends with his coping mechanisms while still staying true to himself. His self-reflective lyrics reveal that Myers is aware of the damage that’s been done, but now he is reaching out to find the support he needs. “I chain-smoke till I’m black in the lungs, but that don’t help me,” Myers confesses.  

Myers has been a longtime advocate of mental health awareness which is why “Help Me,” is a call to action rather than a cry for help. This track exemplifies his solidarity with those who have also struggled with anxiety and depression among other mental health-related conditions. Through deeply personal songwriting and lush, emotionally rich melodies, Myers is paving the way for others to come forward and speak openly about their experiences. 

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