Kelechi: “Forever Tonight”

May 22, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

South Carolina-native singer Kelechi is giving us some serious heart palpitations with his exhilarating, iconic bop-in-the-making, “Forever Tonight.”

The first generation born Nigerian-American moved to Los Angeles to pursue his love of music. There, him and his former group CTZEN performed on one of the world’s biggest stages, The X-Factor. After the group went their separate ways, Kelechi decided to pursue his career as an indie-pop artist. His debut single, “Forever Tonight” proves that the musician has limitless talent and real star power.

With expansive 80’s inspired melodies and hopelessly romantic lyrics, there’s no way you can listen to this track without falling in love instantly. You could imagine singing this song to yourself in the shower with a hairbrush mic like a scene straight out of a John Hughes movie or you could be grooving to it inside a neon-lit club. Either way, this tune will surely transport you to a place where you can dance like no one’s watching. 

The upbeat, synth-soaked instrumentals and Kelechi’s transcendent R&B-inflected and jazzy vocal performance will have you listening to this song on repeat for days just to capture that idyllic feeling it gives you with each listen. If you’re looking for some visual stimuli to pair with this lush sonic landscape, look no further than the music video for this track which can only be described as a minimalist, vintage dream (diamond necklaces, cowboy hats, and perfectly groomed mustaches are included).

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