Molly Moore: “Over Getting Over You”

March 27, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Molly Moore’s spine-tingling new release, “Over Getting Over You” proves that getting through tough times takes a little bit of grit and a whole lot of confidence. 

With bright and snappy beats and a powerhouse horn section, Moore surrounds herself with a sonic backdrop that lifts her sultry vocals full of raw energy to new heights. Forging a deep connection with her listeners, Moore sings about the trials and tribulations of moving past a flawed relationship and taking matters into her own hands. “Baby, we’ve been down this road before/I don’t want to drive on it anymore,” Moore passionately projects before swinging into the edgy chorus. 

The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer has sparked interest across the music industry with her introspective lyricism and her smoky R&B vocal style. Moore’s talents have been recognized by the likes of notable musical acts such as Steve Aoki and Jesse McCartney whom she has co-written songs for. Moore’s solo career has allowed the artist to break off in her own direction, finding new ways to refract reality through her own warped, 90’s-inspired lens. In Moore’s world, earth-shaking melodies complete with lush bursts of horns and guitar riffs combine to create an exhilarating listening experience. 

“Over Getting Over You,” is more than just a thunderous break-up anthem––it’s a glimpse into the dazzling, genre-defying future of pop. It seems that Molly Moore is leading the way to this glorious new age and we’re eager to see what’s next.

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