LoveLeo: “Lemons”

May 29, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

LoveLeo promised in his Spotify bio that a “lovely little mess of songs” would be coming our way, and we are happy to report that the California-native delivered us a nice batch of dreamy, catchy new singles including “LEMONS.”

At first glance, the 21-year-old would be categorized as the modern equivalent of the manic pixie dream boy a.k.a. the TikTok e-boy. With chipped multicolored nail polish, a pencil mustache, and a single drop earring, LoveLeo’s look and style epitomizes this generation’s quintessential digital heartthrob. 

Plot twist: LoveLeo is the eldest son of actor Jon C. Reilly, but he’s determined to forge his own path as a musician, designer, and short filmmaker. Consider us in full support of this multifaceted artist! In true bedroom pop star fashion, LoveLeo records music straight from his bed using his trusty MacBook microphone and whatever quirky beat combinations he can tinker with straight from the web. The result is always upbeat, a little bit alt-indie, and undeniably cool.

“LEMONS” is LoveLeo’s latest concoction and it’s got the effortless nonchalance and flair embodying the spirit of 90’s supermodel strutting down a catwalk. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Leo has taken a turn on the runway before for Moschino’s SS20 show. Is there anything LoveLeo can’t do?

On “LEMONS,” LoveLeo’s melodies are bright and airy and his lyrics have just the right amount of bite with quips like “If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down/Then a bathtub full of Splenda/Will turn your whole life around.” We can’t get enough of this infectiously fun bop and we think you should give it a spin, too!

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