Madison: “Indiana”

Mary 29, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Get ready to be swept away on an enigmatic journey with Madison’s thundering new release, “Indiana.”

The elusive singer will capture your attention from the first note of this atmospheric number. Gothic-romantic melodies and Madison’s eclectic vocals guide you deeper into the dark enchanted forest her lyrics shape inside your imagination. The singer personifies an ancient natural spirit as the song begins, “I’ve been awake for a thousand years/Totally nomad, void of fear.”

A grandiose symphony creates a backdrop of ghostly instrumentals that pluck and pulse as Madison’s thrilling vocals swing from tender falsetto moments to riotous waves of passionate wailing. The artist’s sound falls somewhere in between the moody, hymn-like crooning of bands like Fleet Foxes and the kind of emotionally vulnerable and raw potency of Florence Welch’s soulful quavering. Limiting Madison’s “Indiana” to these musical influences is like trapping lightning in a bottle. Her vocal strength and unlimited creativity are mighty enough to stand up on their own.

On “Indiana” Madison is not afraid to embody multiple personas. She is an ethereal pixie and a swirling storm; a delicate rose and its pointed thorn. Her lush sonic landscape is full of moments of cool and exhilaration––leaving you craving to soak in every last drop of her riveting tale. A mythical fairytale full of twists and turns awaits you in “Indiana.”

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