Alessia Labate & Moestwanted: “STARS”

June 02, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Get ready to blast off into another galaxy with Milan-based singer-songwriter Alessia Labate and German DJ Moestwanted’s stratospheric track, “Stars.”

The 22-year-old Italian artist was born with music running through her veins. Her father was a musician like herself and her mother was a dancer––making quite the creative household. Labate entered her first singing competition at age 12, and ten years later she was a contestant on The Voice of Italy, and a student at one of the most prestigious songwriting schools in Italy known as C.E.T. Labate’s soaring vocals have captured worldwide attention especially in the EDM universe.

Labate’s powerful vocal prowess can reach above the pulsing rhythms and clashing keys that keep the beat moving in “Stars.” The finely calibrated dance track is blissfully euphoric from start to finish. The bold melody is a lush constellation of synths and instrumentals which twinkle and burst throughout the song. Labate’s exhilarating performance is enhanced with a few autotune moments courtesy of Moestwanted who gives her stunning high-pitched voice a new, lower register robotic sound that is both dramatic and mysterious. We are absolutely starry-eyed over this highly danceable collaboration! This track is destined for greatness among raves and crowded clubs, but in the meantime, we’ll just dance along to this epic track from home.

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