Caitlyn Cope: “On My Way”

June 01, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Caitlyn Cope will lift your spirits with her latest inspirational track called “On My Way.”

Cope’s breathy, angelic vocals float above an atmospheric landscape of stripped-down piano and delicate synths. Her expressive lyrics reveal a songwriter who is open about feeling vulnerable but also finds strength in revealing her truth. “It’s clear you’re on the other side/And I don’t know how to get there/I can’t seem to get there,” she reveals, confessing how she has felt severed from the ability to fully connect with others. Cope’s harmonies swell as she begins to break through and find her way out.  

Blending the personal with the universal seamlessly, Cope’s introspective lyricism reveals her ability to capture poignant moments in the human experience. Her vocal talents are just as strong, for the artist seems to have mastered breath control and falsetto harmonies which echo behind her gorgeous alto. Her breathier notes add texture to her sound while also conveying rich emotions. Her voice tells a story of its own while perfectly complimenting the poetic style of her lyrics. This beautiful and moving ballad should definitely be your next listen––grab some tissues and get ready for the water works.