David Archuleta: “Patient”

June 01, 2020. Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Most people remember David Archuleta as the doe-eyed 17-year-old heartthrob who was the runner-up on season seven of American Idol. His second-place standing was a soul-crushing blow to fans of the show, but even at the time everyone knew that the talented vocalist had enough star power to launch his own career.

Archuleta has released nine studio albums since his Idol days including his latest, Therapy Sessions. From the title alone, it is clear that the artist known for his silky-smooth vocals and bright, radio-ready pop songs is diving deeper into the nitty gritty of his personal life on this album. A prime of example of this is on his track called “Patient.” At first glance you might assume this song could be about Archuleta’s experiences on a therapist’s couch, but it’s actually an intimate look into Archuleta’s own struggles with calming down his racing mind. 

“Find the beauty in the letting go/Hurry up and learn to take it slow,” Archuleta sings about his newfound wisdom. With a life that has moved as fast as his, it’s easy to imagine how someone who was once a teenage star must feel after all these years in the spotlight. Until this point, the artist has never had the chance to slow down and take a moment to reflect, and that’s exactly what he does on “Patient.” Backed by a bouncing R&B-inflected melody, Archuleta passionately reveals what’s been on his mind. With refreshing new beats and candid lyrics, Archuleta has proven that he has really come into his own as an artist. The rising star that we met all those years ago on prime-time TV has matured vocally, sonically, and lyrically which can only mean that the best is yet to come.

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