Nolan Heights: “Neon Lights”

June 07, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Danish songwriter, producer, and sound engineer Jakob Wredstrøm a.k.a. Nolan Heights has been behind the soundboard working his magic for years. Now, he’s ready to draw back the curtain and show the world his music on his own terms.

His latest release, “Neon Lights” is just the kind of polished and transcendent pop hit you’d expect from a well-versed veteran of the industry. The artist’s production style is sleek but contains many lush layers of sound. Pulsing synths, bouncing drumbeats, and textured sound effects like a pistol locking and loading all find their way onto this track. Floating above it all is Heights, whose voice sounds like liquid gold when he hits his falsetto notes. 

With a catchy hook and mesmerizing verses, Heights shows that his songwriting is just as smooth as his sound mixing skills. “I keep on looking to the limelight/Now I’m losing my eyesight,” Heights confronts the overwhelming swell of emotions he’s feeling right now. “Neon Lights” is a finely calibrated moody dance pop track that feels familiar yet fresh. We’re glad that Wredstrøm finally introduced us all to his alter-ego Nolan Heights. He seems like a really great guy who sure knows how to produce a great banger.

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