Kairozmusic x Vicki Linden: “Get To You”

June 11, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Dutch house scene veteran KairozMusic has teamed up with Dutch singer-songwriter Vicki Linden to create a spellbinding new track called “Get To You.”

KairozMusic started producing music for the Dutch hip hop, R&B, and club scenes back in the early 2000s. The producer went on to compete in the finales for the prestigious Grote Prijs van Nederland award. After this event, KairozMusic decided to take a step back from music for a decade, but now he’s back to introduce to the world to his brand-new sound.

After releasing his first solo single “I’m Losing Myself” in January 2019, the producer was met with glowing reviews and solid fanbase. Since then, he’s been releasing a steady stream of bops and bangers including the latest, “Get To You” featuring the up-and-coming artist, Vicki Linden.

Bouncing synths and electrifying beats provide the perfect groundwork for Linden to lay down her powerhouse vocals. This track is riveting from start to finish with a series of beat drops and drum patterns that fuel the song’s momentum. Lose yourself in the rhythm of this high energy dance track and be sure to play it as loud as you can on every speaker in sight. There’s no better way to lift your spirits and get your blood flowing than a motivational track like “Get To You.”