ohFrank: “Millenial”

June 13, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Half Swedish, half British duo ohFrank isn’t afraid to poke fun at their own generation on their sarcastic and self-aware second single aptly titled “Millennial.”

Robin Stjerberg and Benjamin Roustaing met when they were kids attending a songwriting camp. There they spent less time working on their music, and more time getting to know each other as friends. Eventually, the two of them hunkered down in a countryside cottage, give music making a go, and the rest is history. 

“Millennial” is an ode to all the stereotypes and claims made about this often-ridiculed generation. ohFrank isn’t afraid to admit that they are very much guilty as charged of being self-centered and privileged. Instead of taking offense from all of society’s backlash, the duo embraces these accusations with a laugh as they paint a self-aware portrait of their generation. A bouncing, carnivalesque melody dotted with funky guitar and xylophone sounds gives this track the light-hearted air it needs to keep the joke afloat above all the flack. 

Poking fun at millennials’ propensity to hang on to nostalgia, ohFrank kicks off the track asking if anyone remembers “VH1 or MTV.” The duo complains about the growing pains that come with adulting and key complaints about millennials’ personalities including how they’re narcissistic and irresponsible. By putting all the hate millennials receive into one song, you can’t help but wonder, do they really deserve all this criticism? ohFrank probably doesn’t care whether you answer yes or no because they’re going to keep doing what they love to do no matter what people say. And that is something we can definitely get behind as long as they keep putting out music that sounds THIS good.