Teddi Gold: “BOOM BOOM”

July 16, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

LA-based avant pop singer-songwriter Teddi Gold fights for equality, celebrates Pride, all while getting us to join the conga line on her exuberant new track, “BOOM BOOM.”

Raised by two dads on a remote island in the Caribbean, Gold grew up in a beautiful community which is unfortunately still rife with conservative attitudes. Gold’s experiences watching her dad and his partner face rejection and discrimination inspired the artist to make positive music that delves into her core values and beliefs as an activist. 

Aside from creating radio friendly bops, Gold’s music is a form of advocacy for a variety of causes from LGBTQ+ rights to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Juxtaposing upbeat rhythms, whimsical noises, and catchy yet perceptive lyrics, Gold brings an innate sense of social consciousness to her lush modern pop. Gold gave us “BOOM BOOM” on the heels of Pride Month, a powerful signal to her fans and beyond to keep fighting for the social movements that have come to the forefront of public attention and not let the momentum go to waste.

On the surface, “BOOM BOOM” is just another punchy dance anthem, but behind the heavy bass and catchy hooks lies a compelling message of hope and resilience. “Ain’t no power like the power of the people because the power of the people won’t stop,” Gold chants as drums and more voices join in to amplify her rallying demand for equality. The artist’s determination and positive outlook shine through her songwriting as well as her smile-inducing production style. “BOOM BOOM” is a reminder to unite and celebrate how far we’ve come in making a difference.