Beren Olivia: “Hurts So Good”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Music raised her, and when she wanted to be more than an admirer, she became an artist and built up her own talent and ability. 

English popstress Beren Olivia shows her deep pop roots in her chilling new single, ‘Hurts So Good.’ Her voice carries well, at times piercing, at others dusky, working to emphasize the emotion of the moment, the central driving force of the song. In this track she flits easily between a dreamy, echo-rich sigh and a more gruff, direct spoken-word style that is then punctuated with a flex of her upper register. 

The influences of her pop aficionado past are apparent, with her ear for the catchy aspects of her voice and sound showing the most prominently. With little effort, this track manages to be very compelling. And that, itself is the artistry. Melding her influences and inherent talent, as well as practiced ability, manges to put her leagues ahead of other aspirants on the field.