Kid Travis: “i want my hoodie back”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Philadelphia-native singer-songwriter and producer Kid Travis serves us another emotional, bittersweet ballad with “I want my hoodie back.”

Travis turns our hearts inside out and back again with his sentimental lyrics about yearning for a long-lost love that’s been haunting him for years. Projecting his feelings onto something as simple as a sweater, Travis reveals that his broken heart is a long way away from mending. The artist switches back and forth between reminiscing on the good times and denying that he still has feelings for his ex. On top of a soft and swaying melody, Travis lays down harmonies, trills, and runs that will make you swoon. “I’ll never show it that I’m really mad/Girl, I want my hoodie back,” Travis begrudgingly sings in the chorus. 

The most fascinating thing about Travis is his ability to use his voice to convey more than one emotion at once. Even when he sings a lyric as biting and resentful as, “you left me in the darkness/I hate you,” Travis uses the most delicate and beautiful of trills to convey that his hurtful words are just a façade for the pain brewing inside him. Confessions of heartbreak sit on the edge of Travis’s lips, but on “i want my hoodie back” the artist keeps himself from letting the tears flow again. Clear, Kid Travis is wearing his heart on his sleeve, with or without his prized hoodie.

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