KINGS: “call me when you grow up…”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

TikTok star turned musician KINGS has proven she’s bound for super stardom with her saucy debut single, “call me when you grow up…”

KINGS has been working her whole life to be a musician. From the age of 3 KINGS has been performing, and by 8-years-old she started writing her own songs. Now she works with Grammy-nominated songwriters and producers who are supporting her journey in the music industry. While KINGS was beginning to make music professionally, she started building her presence on social media and ended up with over 3.6 million followers across her platforms. With a loyal fan base and a passionate team behind her, KINGS is posed to be the next sensation.

KINGS has decided to introduce her music to the world with “call me when you grow up,” a sassy, confident track about finding someone mature enough to handle a real relationship. The catchy beat and charismatic attitude KING projects on this tune show an artist who is ready to shine in the limelight. “If you can’t even handle all your feelings/You ain’t ready for a woman like me,” KINGS asserts that she’s done wasting her time on someone who can barely deal with their own emotions. Say it louder for the immmature men in the back!

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