Lone Laveer: “Know You”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Brighton-based emo pop trio Lone Laveer talks love, loss, and the art of letting go on their debut single, “Know You.”

Singer-songwriter Ed Gibson has teamed up with production duo Chill Murray to craft a unique blend of soft melancholy acoustics and bold synths for Gibson’s angelic vocals to glide across. On “Know You,” Gibson confronts the painful truth that his relationship is crumbling before his eyes. As much as he wants to hold on to the good memories and keep fighting for this flame to last, he knows in his heart that this love is fading away. “Never thought it would happen to us/You give nothing and you take too much from me,” Gibson laments the fact that he thought this connection was built to last. Instead, he discovers that this love was bonded with false promises and aspirations.

Gibson’s vocals flutter between rich falsetto trills and deep harmonies that sound like they are tapped directly from his heart. The seemingly simplistic beat backing Gibson proves to be the perfect canvas for the singer to paint his sorrowful narrative. Blindsided and brokenhearted, Gibson pours everything he has left into “Know You.” Swelling with emotions and the glimmer of a love that once was, Lone Laveer’s debut is the lovesick break-up song we didn’t know we needed. 

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