Lost Stars: “This Year’s Gonna Hurt”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Lost Stars are an act that don’t feel shame in wearing their influences on their sleeve. The more cynical would view it as a marketing tactic, broad appeal and all that. But once you listen in to their newest release, ‘This Year’s Gonna Hurt’, you’ll understand that the influences are pinned to that metaphorical denim jacket out of admiration and aspiration.  

Developing a sound all their own, Lost Stars rolls out this emotional ode to bad choices and knowing better. The vocals have a great melody to them and meld well with the backing mix. The subdued, soft beat during the quieter moments keep the bridges afloat. The main chorus is energetic and infectiously upbeat.

Los Stars is an act to follow, don’t miss out. Listen to their latest release below!