M.O. Litles x Dru: “Till The Morning”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Canadian hip-hop artist M.O. Littles and R&B pop singer Dru are serving us the best of 90’s era old school vibes on their new collaboration, “Till the Morning.”

M.O. Littles has made a name for himself in the industry and has the awards and tours to prove it. The artist has performed all over Canada, the US, South America, and Europe, sometimes supporting big name acts like Machine Gun Kelly and Snak The Ripper. The John Lennon Songwriting Contest-award winner has collaborated with a number of class acts and now he has teamed up with Canadian superstar and Juno Award-winner, Dru. 

M.O. Littles wrote “Till the Morning” while he was on tour in Europe. A smooth yet high energy beat filled with catchy retro-inspired drums and synths lays the perfect groundwork for M.O. Littles and Dru to work their magic. Littles takes on the charismatic yet cool persona while Dru gets into the more emotional, sensual territory. “You know I’m out on the road busy doing these shows but sometimes a brother gets lonely,” Dru wears his heart on his sleeve and gets real about the emotional toll the tour life can take. Playing with different inflections, a bit of autotune, and plenty of harmonies, M.O. Littles and Dru use this track to show off their respective vocal versatility. With such an upbeat melody filled with nuanced productive details, “Till the Morning” is the modern answer to 90’s R&B and rap love songs. Throw on this track and prepare yourself for an instant nostalgia trip. 

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