RIAN: “Holding On”

Vienna-based singer-songwriter RIAN gets candid about falling out of love on his first single since 2018 called “Holding On.”

Growing up in a small South Austrian town called Althofen, RIAN dreamed of leaving behind the idyllic life to pursue a career in music. While he was in elementary school, he discovered his mother’s 25-year-old guitar and started immersing himself in the world of pop music. Eventually, RIAN went on to pick up bass, drums, piano, and even some ukulele. Now, the multifaceted musician writes and records his own music from Vienna where he has been living since 2017.

On “Holding On,” RIAN shows off his more playful side. A plucky, easygoing melody contrasts sharply with RIAN’s lyrics which focus on the artist explaining to his soon-to-be ex that he’s not feeling the same way about their relationship anymore. In the beginning of the song, RIAN offers us a glimpse into the naivete, wonder, and bit of awkwardness that comes with young love. The singer cleverly switches back and forth between the past and present, so the listener can follow the relationship from its inception to its eventual demise. “I told you I’m trying/Yeah, I’m holding on,” RIAN explains in the chorus that he’s attempted to make this relationship work even though he’s not feeling it anymore. It’s sad, but it’s true––and we’ve got to give RIAN credit for being honest!