VANDALYE: “Blame The Record”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Like falling deep into and endless pool of the soft mist on a rainy morning. The wonderfully chill sound of Vandalye’s newest release “Blame The Record” is something you can just lay back and sink into. 

It’s easy to lose the words in the midst of the vibe, but even in the lyrical content there is something gripping. While an easy listen, it also requires appreciation, not letting your mind drift, as easy as it may be. The words are not catchy jumbles that trap the ear, instead they are carefully chosen to create this wonderful mosaic of terms and images that capture the imagination. 

The backing mix is something special as well, not just a tone or key held, it’s almost a choir. The sighs and exhalations are toned and amplified to buoy the final, flitting drift town to the bottom of that seemingly endless, misty pool mentioned earlier. As you come to rest, it isn’t a crash, a sudden stop. You’re let free, back in touch with the world, and reality. If you’re upset something so beautiful had to come to an end, don’t blame the artist, “Blame The Record.”