Amber Claire: “Get Back Up”

July 27, 2020 | Writer: Meech Justice

We love an inspirational bop, and that’s exactly what Amber Claire gives with her latest single “Get Back Up.” Check out the bubbling hit below!

Amber Claire will have you dancing all night long with her latest release “Get Back Up.” This pop-friendly tune is about the struggles we endure when we’re in love, but Ms. Claire is encouraging us to be strong and, of course, “Get Back Up.” The smooth production of the song along with Amber’s beautiful vocals makes this one a winner in my book! In fact, I want to hear it at every divorce party—or in the background of every breakup scene. Amber Claire beautifully depicts the journey of love and love lost. Take a listen to find out how you can rise again after being knocked down by heart ache. Check out “Get Back Up,” because once you’re up, you wont be able to sit back down to Amber Claire’s melodic new number.

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