Alessia Labate: “Something Special”

July 27, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Milan-based singer-songwriter Alessia Labate is making our hearts swell with her latest single, “Something Special.”

Growing up in a musical household, Labate was destined for the limelight. By age 12, she was performing on national TV and now, 10 years later, the artist has become a sought-after vocalist and songwriter in the world of EDM. Along with writing songs for popular Italian artists, Labate has built a full-fledged career of her own independent work. 

The bright, young pop artist has given us another dazzling feel-good tune with “Something Special.” Labate wrote this song as an ode to her best friend, Walter Coppola who also directed the gorgeous music video for this song. While this song may be about a beautiful bond between two friends, Labate’s expert songwriting capabilities have left room for this track to become a universal anthem for love. “I always knew you got that something special/I can see it in your eyes cause you got that fire that I like,” Labate sweetly confesses in the chorus. 

Labate worked with the Juno award-winning producer Ryan Stewart (who has worked with Carly Rae Jepsen) to craft this heart-warming acoustic jam. After listening to “Something Special” just once, you’ll know that Alessia Labate is one-to-watch!

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